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Extreme Game Trailer is your party on wheels! Specifically, it is a customized 32ft trailer outfitted with the latest video game technology that comes directly to your event. The limousine style, climate-controlled, luxury interior features four 55″ LED screens each with the latest and greatest systems and games your kids want,Xbox 360,Xbox One, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 , Wii U,  Nintendo Switch, NES Classic, SNES Classic, Nintendo N64 and Nintendo Wii console. Outside you'll find two 55″ LED screens with an additional 8 playing stations when weather permits. It's all equipped with the latest and most popular games.... Halo, Call of Duty, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Kirby, Madden, Just Dance, Fortnite and much more!

With the Extreme Game Trailer, its use is only limited by your imagination. Our most commonly hosted events are birthday parties; however, we also host bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, school and community events, corporate events and launch parties, church functions, family reunions, bat/bar mitzvahs, fundraisers and much more. 

We arrive at your location approximately 20 minutes early to park and setup. The Game Coach prepares the Extreme Game Trailer; and, when it's ready, your guests are given a short introduction, the doors swing open and the party begins! The Game Coach is always on-hand to offer tips, handle requests and facilitate the fun. When it's over, we simply shut down, pack up and drive off.

(Up to 8) 55" LED Widescreen HDTVs up to (5) Xbox ones up too (5) Playstation 4's up Nintendo switch Nes classic (6) XBOX 360 consoles (6) Nintendo Wii consoles (24) Xbox 360 controllers (24) Nintendo Wii remotes, (4) steering wheels and (8) nunchuks Enhanced audio surround sound with iPod connectivity LED lights with multiple color schemes Custom limousine-style leather seating Various accessories The  latest games and accessories as soon as (and sometimes before) they hit the market! It's all equipped with the latest and most popular games.... Halo, Call of Duty, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Kirby, Madden, Just Dance, Fortnite and much more!

We offer a large selection of the latest and greatest multi-player games for Xbox one,Ps4,Nintendo switch,Nes classic(retro classics),XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. We are constantly updating our library of games, so if you have a specific request, call us prior to your event, and we'll do our best to accommodate. In addition, you may provide your own games, but we request that you label them prior to bringing onboard, and the Extreme Game Trailer accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged games.

Fun is our top priority, but appropriate game content is just as important. Our library of games can be customized to any age group or content level you prefer. Your Game Coach will discuss game options with you, but prior to your event, please check out our offerings on our game page, and determine, if necessary, what games will be restricted from play during the event. The ESR ratings are on the game covers, and on our game page you will find descriptions for each rating. If you have any questions about game ratings, please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

No, the Extreme Game Trailer is self-powered by an on-board generator.

We currently operate in the following areas: Anahiem Hills, Canyon Lake, Chino, Corona, Hemet, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Oceanside, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino, Temecula. When available, bookings outside our standard service area can be scheduled with an assessed mileage surcharge.

Our Extreme Game Trailer requires clearance of approximately 65 feet in length (7 parking spaces), 12 ft. in height and 9' ft in width (width of a standard truck), reserved with cones or some type of marker. The theater and truck, while they may block your driveway, will fit in front of most residential locations. The Extreme Game Trailer ideally needs a level area to ensure the best playing conditions, and for the safety of the guests, we prefer to pull up to a curb. When your residence isn't an option, consider a local park, or call us, as we may be able to provide a solution with our partnered local businesses. However, when choosing a location other than your residence, it's your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits and/or authorizations for your locale prior to the event. To ensure your event begins on time, please have space allocated at least 20 minutes prior to your event's start for proper set up. If space isn't allocated at time of arrival, and as a result the party is delayed, party may not be extended if by doing so creates a conflict in schedule. Lastly, if we need to inspect the location prior to the day of your event, please let us know and we'll do so.

Our mobile video game theater can accommodate up to 24 individuals playing simultaneously, 16 inside and 8 outside. We can host large format events as well, rotating "players," but a two hour event is most successful with 24 or less.

The Extreme Game Trailer can accommodate large groups, too. Just let us know the number of guests you're expecting, as it may require multiple Game Coaches to facilitate a safe and successful event.

An Extreme Game Trailer Party is great for everyone from 6 to 96, as it appeals to people of all ages. However, we do recommend that participants be able to read and follow directions. Our suggested minimum age is 6 years and older. Players under 6 are welcome, but must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult at all times.

Parents are always welcome to join in the fun, but one of the great advantages of an Extreme Game Trailer Party is that it's hosted by a trained Game Coach. Game Coaches have a passion for gaming and their job is to lend expert advice, motivate, and manage your party. Though parents are free to relax inside the house or visit with friends while the guests play, we require that one responsible adult remain on site for the duration of the event, and if there are players under the age of 6, at least one (1) adult accompany them in the theater.

Party pricing is dependent on format, time, length and location. We consider our pricing competitive, and a cost effective option when choosing a party venue. We're so confident in our pricing and offerings that we encourage you to price compare to other event facilities and consider price per person and convenience. For our detailed pricing information, check our prices.

The Extreme Game Trailer books parties 7 days a week, all year-round. We meet the needs of our party hosts with everything from the "typical" daytime or evening party, to the morning “Early Gamer Specials” ideal for slumber parties, to the late night Grad All-Nighters. Just call us and we'll get you scheduled or BOOK ONLINE NOW!

Book Us Online or call us at 1-888-788-7850.

To hold your event date, we require a 50% deposit with a major credit card or debit card - Mastercard, Visa, Discovery, or American Express. And, you'll find that we are the ULTIMATE video game truck party, so weekends and evenings book fast, and we recommend reserving your event at least 4 weeks in advance to increase the likelihood of getting your preferred date and time.

Additional hours may be booked, or an event may be extended, as long as it doesn't pose a conflict with previously scheduled events.

Extreme Game Trailer is a rain or shine Company we still arrive to our events on rainy days however,We understand that sometimes things simply come up. If you must cancel your event, a full refund is given when at least two weeks notice is provided. Any cancellations with less than two weeks notice forfeits deposit, unless the party is rescheduled for a later, date, and within six months of the original event date. Parties may only be rescheduled once. Cancellations or changes to schedule within a week of the event are at the sole discretion of Extreme Game Trailer and may forfeit deposit.

The interior of the Extreme Game Trailer is climate-controlled for hot summers and cold winters. We are usually able to conduct our services any time of the year, however, for mild inclement weather, the exterior gaming stations may not be available, and the Game Coach will make the necessary adjustments for a successful event. Also, if we are not able to provide our services due to severe and unexpected weather conditions and storm warnings, [flooding, heavy rain, thunder/lightening storm, extreme winds, etc], we may, (and reserve the right to), delay or reschedule your service to preserve the safety of our staff, equipment, and especially you and your guests.

No, food and/or beverages are not allowed inside, due to the sensitive nature of the equipment. However, a food and/or beverage table may be set up outside as long as it's a distance of 8 ft. or more from the mobile gaming theater.

No, unfortunately, not at this time; however, we are currently working on building relationships with businesses in our service areas to provide additional resources and special offers for our customers. Though our business is the mobile video and gaming theater, we'll constantly seek ways to help make your event as stress-free and successful as possible.

Yes, it's appropriate, for a job well done. Our staff works hard before, during, and after the event to ensure everyone has a good time; and, although, gratuity is not required, it is encouraged, (and appreciated), if you feel your Game Coach has exceeded your expectations.

The Extreme Game Trailer typically hosts private events; however, on occasion we host public events that will allow for people to check us out. For more information and updates on future public events, follow us on Facebook!

Please call us at 1-888-788-7850

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