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fortnite truck

Price: $420.00 - 2 hours  
Fits up to 23 people

FORTNITE GAME TRUCK s is stacked with all kinds  fortnite decorations your kids will love we have 1/1 scale harvesting axes as well as replica 3-d printed props from the game equipped with 4-55" screens and one 65' on the inside of the trailer. Rolling extreme has 4-Ps4's,5-Xbox ones,2-Nintendo Switch,4-Xbox 360"s,4-Wii,1-Wiiu, Each system has a minimum of 4 controllers per system.Tons of led lights to make to environment fun and exciting  We try to keep our game catalogue as current as possible with the latest gaming titles for maximum game truck experience,Rolling extreme may be slightly smaller but it is not lacking on equipment you won't be left disappointed .

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